More 'Brutal Frankness'

This misinformed writer does not recognize the difference between facts and attitude. In his quest for the perfect woman--physically young and attractive, giving, unencumbered by children or past emotional baggage--he is blinded by his attitude.

He asks middle-aged women to recognize their shortcomings and lower their expectations. He urges us to face the facts and consider men who are less educated, earn less money, have coarser habits, are chronically disabled or have jobs requiring frequent travel or relocation. This is not easy to swallow. He is asking us to settle for him, someone who is intellectually paralyzed, emotionally disabled and, after his coarsely written letter, will most likely need to relocate frequently. As for his money? Who cares. He will need all of it to dispose of each lovely young wife who will, eventually, wake up one day wrinkled or, worse, pregnant.


Newport Beach

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