So. Baptist Panel Defines Conflict Over Bible Views

Associated Press

A Southern Baptist "peace" committee, seeking to reconcile a protracted conflict between fundamentalists and moderates, says it has found that "significant theological diversity" exists in the denomination.

The committee, which brings its recommendations to the denomination's convention June 10-12 in Atlanta, cites the following examples of different approaches to the Bible in seminaries and among members:

Some affirm the "direct creation and historicity of Adam and Eve while others view them instead as representative of the human race in its creation and fall."

Some affirm "the historicity of every event in Scripture" while others hold that "the historicity can be clarified and revised by the findings of modern historical scholarship."

Some uphold the "stated authorship of every book in the Bible while others hold that in some cases such attribution may not refer to the final author or be pseudonymous."

Some hold "that every miracle in the Bible" was a historical event while others hold that "some miracles are intended" as parables.

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