No 'F' Grades for Youngsters

What will happen to these precious children who are given these false grades of passing when they finally get a teacher who demands completion of work and responsibility in a classroom and who gives these children, the grade they rightfully deserve--"D" or "F"?

What will need for improvement, etc., mean to children who are really doing "F" work? They need to know and understand the grading system at an early age, because this is reality.

At what age should these children be told the God-awful truth, the truth that they were passed along. What will happen to their "psyche" at that point? Who will be to blame? Parents will think that their children are doing satisfactorily--need for improvement, and then, all of a sudden, the following year, these same parents will have to be told that they were lied to and so were their children.

I am a concerned parent who feels that teaching children to be honest is more important than teaching them to lie. A grade is earned, and teaching children to work for that grade is the same principle as teaching a child to work to save money for a toy or candy. It places real meaning on the final result, the earned grade.


Pacific Palisades

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