A Long Line of Peace March Supporters

I am a participant in the Great Peace March. I bused back to Santa Monica on March 13 to be here for a court date.

Kathleen Hendrix's terrific story of March 14 on the Peace March was my breakfast companion (after a blissful night's sleep at home and an indescribably luxurious hot morning shower).

Thank you for such an in-depth article written clearly and concisely. I understood from later news that PROPeace Inc. was declaring bankruptcy and a new corporation, the Great Peace March Inc. is evolving.

I planned on returning to the camp site near Barstow to rejoin the group who intended to continue. There are so many dedicated people who sincerely believe this effort will make a difference, I find it difficult to believe some resolution to the financial dilemma will not be forthcoming.


Santa Monica

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