Anti-Semitic Acts at USC

What profound, frightening irony at Easter that sore losers in USC's "Greek Week" competitions would deface the winning Jewish fraternity with "Jew Week" graffiti.

Indeed, we Christians celebrate this Holy Week before Easter precisely because the God of Israel supplanted our pagan festivities with His own new Passover in Christ--thereby effectively replacing "Greek Week" with "Jew Week."

This disgusting bigotry of the Gentile fraternity and sorority members is a sober reminder to us all that the pagan gods of our Gentile ancestors remain alive and well, still offended by God's victory over them in a Jewish carpenter's son.

In the biblical sense that to be a Jew is no more and no less than to be submitted wholly to the God who first revealed Himself through Abraham, Holy Week is Jew Week. May we who are not biological heirs be eternally thankful for this our spiritual legacy.



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