U.S. Action Against Libya

After reading both your editorial and the letters on the U.S. action against Libya, I wanted to throw up. These people are acting as if we better walk lightly and not upset Kadafi or else we'll pay a severe punishment for it.

I compare this to a few wolves surrounding a sheep flock and then killing off the weakest sheep. After the killing, the remaining flock goes back to grazing, knowing the wolves won't be hungry for another few hours.

Are we supposed to turn our backs and forget the killing of an old man confined to a wheelchair, or the killing of a 14-year-old child. These two people along with many other innocent people were slaughtered by terrorists just because they were American.

I think that it is a very callous attitude to want to do absolutely nothing. Kadafi has shown he isn't rational, and that conventional peaceful means of negotiation may not be used. I fully support the Reagan Administration in this situation. As much rhetoric as Kadafi uses, I think he'll be looking over his shoulder the next time he commits a terrorist act.



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