U.S. Action Against Libya

On March 29, The Times reported the truth behind Reagan's latest escapades and subsequently uncovered the lies touted by the President and his aides in recent weeks.

It seems our country was, after all, deliberately trying to provoke Kadafi so we could bomb him into oblivion. Unfortunately, he wouldn't keep responding to our challenges so we couldn't quite justify destroying his air force and oil fields. In the meantime, the military men got to try out their deadly toys on real live targets, and Reagan scored another hollow triumph of good against evil.

On a second front, our country bullied Honduras into publicly begging for help against a Sandinista "invasion," even though everyone knew it was just another border skirmish between the Sandinistas and contras. But the public relations ploy was effective, giving Reagan and the Senate justification for escalating the conflict in Central America..

During the ongoing coverage of these two events, Administration officials flatly denied that there was ever any intent to provoke Kadafi or exaggerate the Honduran-Nicaraguan incident. And even after their true motives were exposed, the lies have kept on coming.

I cannot believe I am the only one sickened and ashamed at our government's blatant disregard for truth and its simplistic, militaristic approach to diplomacy. I urge others to join me in writing their elected officials and the President. We must let them know that we will not accept Reagan's distorted vision of truth, justice and the American way.


La Mesa

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