3 on TWA Jet Killed by Fall, Not by Blast

Associated Press

Two American women and a baby were killed when they hit the ground, not by the bomb that blew them out of a TWA jetliner, pathologists who examined the bodies said today.

Greek police said they want to go to Beirut and question a Lebanese woman in last Wednesday's bombing, which also killed an American occupying the seat under which it apparently was placed, officials said.

Nikos Kokkinakis, a senior police officer, said over the weekend that the woman, May Elias Mansur, is the "prime suspect in the bombing."

Greek and U.S. forensic pathologists said only Alberto Ospino, 39, of Stratford, Conn., was killed by the bomb. He occupied seat 10-F on the Boeing 727, which was bound from Rome to Athens and landed safely after the explosion.

Demetra Stylian, 52; her daughter, Maria Klug, 25, and Mrs. Klug's 9-month-old daughter, Demetra, all from Annapolis, Md., also were blown through the jagged hole the bomb tore in the plane's side at 15,000 feet over southern Greece. They were sitting one row behind Ospino, in seats 11-D and 11-E.

A woman identifying herself as May Mansur said Saturday in Tripoli, Lebanon, that she flew from Cairo to Athens earlier last Wednesday on the TWA jet, but she denied that she was involved in the bombing or was sitting in 10-F.

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