Aid to Contras in Nicaragua

The letters critical of giving aid to the contras in Nicaragua (March 30) argue the case, in my opinion, on the basis of false premises.

Those who say we are driving Nicaragua into the Soviet camp ignore the fact that the government leaders have long been ardent Marxist-Leninists. This is reminiscent of the disinformation campaign launched by the Soviet KGB to influence world opinion to accept the belief that U.S. hostility pushed Fidel Castro into the Soviet orbit. Regrettably, this version is still generally accepted, although evidence to the contrary was apparent immediately after Castro gained power.

The liberals in the media, government, academia, clergy and church organizations seek to portray Nicaragua as just a tiny, struggling, impoverished country being harassed by a wealthy, militant giant, while in fact, it has become a Soviet-Cuban base of operation with advisers from Soviet client-states conducting international terrorist training.

The United States would be sorely remiss in not preventing a permanent communist base that would destabilize all of Central America, Mexico and threaten our security.


As with Castro, Daniel Ortega came to power promising to bring freedom and democracy to his country, but instead brought brutal tyranny.


Mission Viejo