Aid to Contras in Nicaragua

Your editorial (March 28), “War Hype,” was refreshing after all the “disinformation” given by the Reagan Administration. Your statement, “Reagan’s patronizing dismissal of the wishes of the Honduran government was another in a long series of assertions that ‘Uncle Sam knows best'--a posture that has undermined the Contadora peace effort of the Latin Americans themselves,” was an important one that I wish our congressmen and senators would take more seriously.

It really concerns me greatly that President Reagan resorts to deceiving his own people--tactics that one expects of tyrants and dictators, not of a President of the United States. And if the President, acting out of a lifelong paranoia about communism, wants to pursue a dangerous and irrational policy, why do so many members of Congress support that policy?

I am convinced that Reagan has no interest whatsoever in negotiations with the Nicaraguan government, and whatever he might promise with regard to negotiations will again not be carried out by this Administration in any genuine fashion.

Our policy in Central America is a shameful one for a great democracy. It is isolationist to the extreme, since hardly any other country supports it. If Congress votes for more money for the contras, it will be the most dangerous step taken by the Congress since the Gulf of Tonkin vote that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War.


Van Nuys