Archbishop Mahony’s Plan for Hospice Care

In response to the article written by Archbishop Roger M. Mahony (Opinion, March 30), “An Archbishop’s New Hospice: Hands-On, by Gospels Example,” the hospice community is grateful for the archbishop’s response to the need for care of the AIDS patient. We also recognize the remarkable work done by Mother Teresa of Calcutta offering desperately ill people comfort and solace in their last days.

Hospice care has been provided in the United States for 11 years and has been bringing a quality of life and comfort to all who are faced with a life-threatening disease.

We provide a support system of care that offers medical, social, psychological and spiritual services to both the patient and their loved ones. Hospice has been in the forefront of care for patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome often when other health care has abandoned them and all reimbursement benefits have been depleted.

We have publicly commended the Archdiocese in the past for the step they have taken in providing for the care of AIDS patients and we continue to offer support to them. The hospice community is available to all who are faced with a shortened life span.




Hospice Organization

of Southern California


Los Angeles