Derelict's Slaying Raises Questions

It makes me angry that Sister Michele Morris calls her restaurant the House of Yahweh (House of God).

Three years ago, I thought the principle was good: to clothe and feed the hungry. Recently I brought to her house at 1:45 p.m. a large bag of clothes. The door was locked. A voice shouted, "Yeah, we're out of food. What do you want?" Any restaurant responding to clientele like that would not stay in business very long.

The night before Easter a regular client of hers, Terry Bert Gonzalez, was murdered behind the Boys Market. According to The Los Angeles Times, his throat was slashed. Two other homeless men looked on in drunken stupors. If Sister Michelle fed Bert, why did she not provide shelter too? He hung around for the free meals six days a week from the House of Yahweh. Change the name to the House of Michelle. God does not condone drunkards.



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