Pilots OK Worldwide Boycott of Airports Lax on Terrorism

From Reuters

International airline pilots today decided that they will promptly slap boycotts on airports failing to safeguard passengers against terrorism and nations that harbor hijackers and saboteurs.

The International Federation of Airline Pilots Assns. empowered six of its executives to ask all members to cease operations at all airports of nations that promoted unlawful acts against civil aviation.

Association president Capt. Reginald Smith told a news conference that the bans could eventually be unlimited in duration if nations did not curb their behavior or upgrade security at their airports.

Association deputy president Capt. John Le Roy, an American, said, “Once it has been proven on definitive evidence, then we will request the membership not to go to that country.”


The association, representing 61,000 pilots from 60 countries, made the boycott decision at its annual conference that took place in London following the bombing of a Trans World Airlines passenger jet that killed four people over Greece last month.

“In response to the increasing number and severity of terrorist acts against civil aviation, the airline pilots of the world have united to fight the common enemy of organized international terrorism,” said Smith, a Canadian.