U.S. Retaliatory Raid on Libya

I am furious that our ally, France, has actively hindered America's fight against terrorism by opposing our air raid to Libya so that our combat pilots had to fly a long and circuitous route of 2,800 miles, rather than fly over France, Spain and Portugal for 1,200 miles. Furthermore, let's not forget France's "blind eye" to known terrorists who lived in France and boarded their aircraft so long as France was not bombed.

In view of the above, I propose that American tourists should boycott visiting France this year. It's obvious the French don't care about anything but their own skins. Perhaps an economic boycott by American citizens will help make France come to its senses and thereby help in the war against terrorism. I'd like to remind France that what President Reagan said of the terrorists holds true for that nation as well: "You can run, but you can't hide."


Redondo Beach

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