Suspension of Doonesbury Strips

It is the height of hypocrisy for you to cancel/censor Trudeau while allowing Conrad’s equally accusatory (and equally justifiable) cartoons of Rep. Bobbi Fiedler (R-Northridge), e.g., the one where her large-nosed, basset-hound face peeks out from under a mound of cassette tape loop “hair.”

And what about some of those cartoons on the Op Ed page, or for that matter, some of the editorials themselves?

Indeed, if you are so concerned about fairness and accuracy, perhaps you should routinely edit or omit President Reagan’s many “misstatements.” Really, your standards of selectivity are inconsistent, unprofessional and downright dangerous.


Santa Monica

Editor’s Note: The Times has received 930 critical letters and 163 in support. The Doonesbury comic strips were not published because Times editors found them to be inaccurate both factually and by implication. This is a standard applied to all material appearing in the newspaper.