"Several hundred" luminaries were photographed (155 got in), including such paleface mini-stars as Judge Reinhold and Julie Hagerty. Well-tanned George Hamilton gets an opulent two-page spread.

But where were Sidney Poitier, Billy Dee Williams, Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross, Richard Pryor, Gregory Hines or Louis Gossett Jr.?

You'll find a nice photo of Whoopi Goldberg. A couple candids of Eddie Murphy hobnobbing. Rae Dawn Chong (daughter of Irish-Indian-Chinese comic Tommy Chong and a black mom) exercises slinkily. Placido Domingo is glimpsed in blackface from "Otello." But that's it for actors of color.

Watters noted sharply: "I wasn't looking for race, creed or color, just talent."

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