European, U.S. Reaction to Raid on Libya

Europe's whining, patronizing attitude toward America's surgical strike at Libya is disgusting. The Europeans say their experience makes them wiser and better able to deal with terrorism than the upstart, hot-headed Americans. Their experience should have taught them that appeasement only works in the very short term.

Europeans in the early 1930s had a chance to stop Hitler before he became powerful, but they chose to look the other way, deluding themselves into thinking that Hitler was just a speck in Europe's soup. Well, that speck turned into botulism that came close to poisoning the entire world.

Kadafi could become even more dangerous than Hitler because he will most likely get his hands on at least one primitive nuclear device within the next five years and he would not hesitate in using it to hold Israel hostage to his warped demands. The time to remove him from power is now.

If Europeans continue their ostrich-like behavior, we should go it alone despite their knee-jerk objections. Our short-range violence against Kadafi could prevent long-range violence against the entire Western world.



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