X-Rated Solution to Cable TV Woes

After reading (June 12) of the financial woes of cable television in the area, may I suggest they all run a premium channel of X-rated films for additional revenue.

Those of us in the South Bay area who do not hate, curse, revile and damn God to Hell for his heresy in making anatomical differences between men and women and for giving humanity its sexual nature would like to see them. This person, for example, found out long ago there is nothing like a good, hard-core, X-rated porno film to take the curse off Sunday morning television, filled with TV evangelists who promise to save my soul if I will only buy them two more stretch limousines and a new house in Palm Springs.

If the Maine referendum on a new anti-porno law is any indication, then only 30% of the (population)is truly against pornography, and 70% are for it.

So those who listen to the anti-porno people are listening to a minority.



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