South Africa Sanctions Vetoed at U.N.

From Reuters

The United States and Britain on Wednesday vetoed--for the second time in a month--a U.N. Security Council resolution to impose economic sanctions against South Africa. France abstained, and the 12 other members voted for the proposal.

The earlier resolution, proposed after South African military raids against the neighboring black-ruled nations of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, was vetoed on May 23. The proposal vetoed Wednesday was to censure and punish South Africa for a June 5 attack on the Angolan port of Namibe.

U.S. delegate Herbert Okun said there was much in the resolution that Washington supported--it called in part for strong condemnation of South Africa and compensation for Angola--but that there were elements in it that were unacceptable. Okun said that sanctions are inimical to peaceful change in South Africa.

British delegate Peter Maxey said that "we remain opposed to economic boycotts because they do not work."

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