Killer Executed in Georgia; He Had an IQ of 65

United Press International

Jerome Bowden, a convicted killer with an IQ of 65, was executed by the state of Georgia today only 33 minutes after the Supreme Court refused to grant a stay.

Bowden, 33, died in the electric chair at 10:13 a.m. for robbing and killing a 55-year-old Columbus woman. Last week, Georgia’s Pardons and Paroles Board granted him a reprieve to allow a psychologist to test his intelligence. After receiving the results of the IQ test late Monday, the board ordered the execution for today.

Bowden made a statement to prison officials today that “he’s scared; he understands what’s going on,” according to Fred Steeple, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Corrections.


Last October, Bowden had won a stay less than 24 hours before his scheduled execution.

“You’ve been granted a stay,” his attorney told him as he walked into the Death Row cell at the time.

“Gee, that’s nice,” Bowden replied. “Does that mean I can watch ‘Hill Street Blues’ Thursday night?”