Wigs Don't Fool Club Patrons : Royal Night on Town for 2 Giggling 'Policewomen'

From Reuters

Britons were puzzling today over the royal mystery of two giggling "policewomen" who crashed an exclusive London nightclub Wednesday night.

Was it Princess Diana, the future Queen of England, and her best friend, Sarah Ferguson, who is to marry Prince Andrew next week?

Buckingham Palace kept a dignified silence, but fellow revelers at the chic Annabel's club had few doubts about the champagne-sipping couple in starched blue uniforms and wigs.

"I recognized them fairly quickly, but they did look remarkably well disguised. They seemed to be having a lot of fun," said society hostess Juanita Kerman.

According to unsourced reports in the tabloid dailies, the two donned wigs and uniforms as part of a ploy to surprise Andrew at his traditional bachelor's farewell party. But the joke apparently went awry when the stag party was moved at the last minute to a private residence.

Nearly Evicted

The two women, giggling and accompanied by an apparently bona fide police detective, had to make do with drinks at the club bar before leaving as guests began to recognize them, the newspapers said.

The bogus policewomen were almost thrown out of the club by the bouncers, who took them for "kiss-o-gram" girls, one report said.

Then, for a reason the club would not explain, the bouncers became suddenly deferential and invited them to stay.

Both Diana and Sarah have reputations as practical jokers, but their spokesmen today were not saying anything.

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