Walt Disney animated feature "Sleeping Beauty" will be released by Disney Home Video on Oct. 14 at the unusually low price of $29.95.

"Sleeping Beauty" will be the sixth of Disney's 15 animated features to be released on home video. The other five are "Pinocchio," "Robin Hood," "Dumbo," "The Sword in the Stone" and "Alice in Wonderland." All were originally priced at $79.95 (which is the common price for video releases of most major motion pictures). Typically, though, there is a price reduction after a title has been in release for at least a year. Of the five Disney animated features currently available on home video, only "The Sword in the Stone" is still priced at $79.95. The others are $29.95.

On Oct. 14, the six animated features--including "Sleeping Beauty"--will be $29.95. But after Jan. 19 "Pinocchio" and "Robin Hood" will be withdrawn from circulation and won't be available for several years. The "Sleeping Beauty" price will be good until Jan. 31. What will happen with the cassette after that hasn't been determined, according to Disney sources.

"Sleeping Beauty" is the centerpiece of a $6-million advertising and promotional campaign for Disney's holiday home video releases. At the $29.95 price, Disney officials anticipate that more people will buy rather than rent the cassette.

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