Cowboys Won’t Trade Dorsett, Schramm Says


Tex Schramm, president of the Dallas Cowboys, said Thursday that he will not trade Tony Dorsett, even though the 10-year veteran running back was fuming over Herschel Walker’s five-year, $5-million contract.

“I told him I didn’t even intend to talk about trading him,” Schramm said after meeting with Dorsett. “We’d never trade Tony. He is too much a part of our organization.”

Dorsett said he wanted to be traded or given a raise, considering the deal made with Walker, a refugee running back from the United States Football League, to terms Wednesday. Dorsett warned that if his demands were not met, he could be a “disruptive force” on the Cowboys.


Schramm said: “Tony would like to pull back what he said. He feels sorry he let it flow out. He didn’t mean it. He was just mad and being egged on by the media.”

Dorsett, who gets an annual salary of about $450,000 plus fringe benefits, agreed that he had been out of control. He did not apologize, however.

“My feelings haven’t changed a great deal,” Dorsett said. “I had a nice conversation with Tex, so they would know where my head is at and I know where they are at. I think the contract surprised everybody, and I showed some immaturity. It was a fit of rage.”

Schramm said he and Dorsett had shaken hands at the conclusion of their meeting. “Sure, he was still a little hurt, but he’ll be OK,” Schramm said. “He’s a good kid, a good man.”

Asked if he would renegotiate Dorsett’s contract, Schramm replied: “I feel comfortable with his contract.”