City of Anaheim’s Attitude on ‘Frivolous Lawsuits’

Recent press releases have pertained to the City of Anaheim attempting to stop “frivolous lawsuits” brought against them by threatening to “seek reimbursement from plaintiffs” in suits against the city.

We would like to provide three comments regarding this subject.

First, Anaheim has the misfortune to have a mayor, Don Roth, who pushes and publicly encourages litigation against the city. We have attended two public “town hall” meetings within the last two years. (The last meeting was held in the Canyon High School Auditorium and pertained to city plans to build condos in the middle of the Anaheim Hills Golf Course.)

Roth also attended both meetings, and spoke. At the meetings, residents voiced their concern over various items. In both meetings Roth stated if the citizens didn’t like what the city was doing to them, they should “get a real good lawyer” and “file suit.” He made his statements in front of hundreds of people.


Secondly, press releases by the city attorney are simply thinly masked attempts to intimidate people seeking redress from a wrong. (Think of the dollars and man-hours the city attorney’s office will spend supposedly trying to collect the plaintiff’s money.)

Thirdly, the city seems to be constantly in the news regarding some sort of litigation against it. Much more so, it appears, than other cities in Orange County. This could very well be because the mayor and the City Council neglect their duty to help the citizens, and thus the only way for a citizen to rectify a wrong is to follow the advice of Mayor Roth and sue the city.

The city attorney should take a strong look at the actions of the mayor and the council before threatening potential plaintiffs!