Americans in Egypt Put on Alert

From a Times Staff Writer

The U.S. Embassy warned American citizens here Wednesday that terrorists may be planning to attack U.S. officials in Egypt and that other Americans might become targets, too.

"The U.S. mission has received reliable information that an extremist group may attempt an operation against one or more U.S. officials within the next several days," the embassy said in a statement.

The statement suggested that only U.S. officials were at risk, but the warning was distributed to all Americans in Egypt because of concern that they could become targets in view of the tighter security now in effect for Foreign Service personnel and employees of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

U.S. and Egyptian officials refused to elaborate on the warning.

It was understood that Egyptian security officials have advised the Israeli Embassy in Cairo to be especially careful about security over the next several days.

Security alerts are issued to the American community in Cairo whenever terrorist attacks are considered likely. But a knowledgeable source, speaking on the condition of strict anonymity, said the latest warning was based on firm information that a terrorist attack may be imminent. This source said that Wednesday's warning was more than just a precautionary measure.

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