United Stewardesses Settle for $37 Million

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Associated Press

A sex-discrimination case against United Airlines was settled Tuesday for $37 million, ending a 20-year battle over whether women flight attendants may be forced to resign if they get married.

U.S. District Judge James B. Moran approved the settlement of the class-action lawsuit, in which 1,725 attendants who were forced to quit protested that the rule violated their civil rights.

Some flight attendants testified Tuesday that they opposed the settlement because it did not adequately address some pension and seniority issues, but Thomas Meites, a lawyer for the attendants, asked for final approval. He called it “the most realistic settlement we could get.”


United agreed to pay more than $37 million in back salary to some of the plaintiffs, and to reinstate 475 flight attendants. About 400 women have returned to work because of the case.

The settlement also provides for seniority and pension adjustments.