78 Schools in Year-Round Proposal

Here, listed by region, are the junior high schools being considered for change to a year-round schedule in July, 1987:

San Fernando Valley: Hale, Portola, Frost, Lawrence, San Fernando.

South-Central: Drew, Adams, Stevenson.

Hollywood: King.

Northeast: Burbank.

Here are the elementary schools being considered for change to a year-round schedules next year, listed by region:

San Fernando Valley: Apperson, Carpenter Avenue, Dixie Canyon Avenue, Castlebay Lane, Germain Street, Limerick Avenue, Plainview Avenue, Arminta Street, Coldwater Canyon, Hazeltine Avenue, Valerio Street, Broadous, Dyer Street, Gridley Street, Langdon Avenue, Noble Avenue, Erwin, Sharp Avenue, Wilbur, Sherman Oaks, Sunny Brae, Toluca Lake, Tulsa, Beckford, Canterbury, Nevada, Sunland, Woodland Hills, Gledhill, Monlux, Harding, Herrick, Lankershim, Topeka Drive.

Westside and Wilshire Corridor: Marquez, Loyola Village, Westwood, Warner, Overland, Roscomare, Hillcrest Drive, Alta Loma.

Eastside: Rowan Avenue, 4th Street, 9th Street, Sierra Park.

Harbor area: 7th Street, Eshelman Avenue, Leland Street, Fries Avenue, Taper Avenue.

South-Central: Hyde Park Blvd., Manchester Avenue, 74th Street, 61st Street, 66th Street, Weemes, West Vernon Avenue, 6th Avenue, 36th Street.

Hollywood-Los Feliz: Laurel, Franklin Avenue, Selma Avenue, Van Ness Avenue, Glenfeliz Blvd.

Southeast: Nevin Avenue, 92nd Street, Russell.

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