Better Pedigree Than Any Spouse but Philip : 'Princess Pushy' Says She Outroyals the Royals

Associated Press

Princess Michael of Kent said in an interview published today that apart from Prince Philip she has a better pedigree than anyone who has married into the British Royal Family since World War II.

The princess, wife of Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, was interviewed for Women's Own magazine by Carol Thatcher, daughter of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Dubbed "Princess Pushy" by British tabloids, the 41-year-old princess was born Marie-Christine von Reibnitz in Bohemia, then German territory and now part of Czechoslovakia.

The princess said she has a "better background than anyone else who's married into the Royal Family since the war, excepting Prince Philip," the magazine said. Philip, 65, is a great-grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark.

Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage, said the princess was genealogically correct.

In the interview, the princess didn't mention her father, Silesian nobleman Baron Gunter von Reibnitz, who was a Nazi SS trooper during World War II.

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