The Iran Deception : REAGAN’S GREATEST CRISIS : Staff for The Iran Deception Special Report

After six years of magic, President Reagan broke the spell. By deceiving the nation, he and those around him badly damaged his presidency. This traumatic tale is still unfolding, with no end in sight. This is how it developed.

A team of 49 reporters, editors, artists, photographers and researchers produced this special section.

Project Directors: Gaylord Shaw and Richard E. Meyer.

Principal Writers and Reporters: Michael Wines, Doyle McManus, Karen Tumulty and Robert Shogan in Washington, William C. Rempel and Bob Drogin in New York and Washington and Dan Fisher in Jerusalem


Contributing Reporters: Maura Dolan, Norman Kempster, Sara Fritz, James Gerstenzang, Jack Nelson, Ronald J. Ostrow, Don Irwin and Robert C. Toth in Washington, Robert L. Jackson in Washington and the Cayman Islands, Ray Peres in Orange County, J. Michael Kennedy in Houston, Barry Bearak in Miami, Dan Morain in San Francisco, and William Tuohy in Geneva

Editors: Richard T. Cooper, Joel Havemann, Tom McCarthy, Tim Rutten, and Roger Smith

News Editor: Terry Schwadron

Copy Editors: Roger Julin, Ann Herold, Jim Houston, and Larry Snipes.

Art Director: Tom Trapnell

Artist: Mike Hall

Photographers: Bernie Boston and Al Stephenson in Washington.

Reseachers: Barclay Walsh, Aleta Embrey and Abebe Gessesse in Washington, Joanne Harrison in Houston, Lorna Nones in Miami, Dallas Jamison in Denver and Nona Yates, Doug Conner, Nina Green, Joyce Pinney, Dan Crump and Lauri Shorten in Los Angeles.