Consider Vacation in Grenada, Reagn Tells Legionnaires

United Press International

President Reagan today advised American Legionnaires to consider a vacation in tiny Grenada, scene of a Reagan Administration foreign policy success.

Recounting the Oct. 25, 1983, invasion of the Caribbean island that is now struggling economically, Reagan told the legionnaires how the military "restored it to the family of free nations."

He told of a trip he took to Grenada the next year: "I tell you, after all those things we'd heard about--signs and 'Yankee Go Home'--it was wonderful to be in Grenada going down the street and seeing the welcome signs and the great big banner across the street--'Come Back.' "

Reagan said he met with almost half the island's population at a political rally and "they, they like us. So, if you're looking for some place to go on vacation, I'd recommend it."

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