Wilmington : Hamilton to Conduct Study

City officials have chosen former city Planning Director Calvin Hamilton to conduct a $35,000 study of the waterfront in Wilmington.

The study, funded by the state Coastal Commission, was recommended by a harbor-area task force set up last year to look into community complaints about the lack of tourist and recreational facilities along the heavily industrial Wilmington waterfront.

Hamilton served on the task force before he retired as planning director last summer. He now works as a private consultant.

Hamilton was chosen by harbor-area Councilwoman Joan Milke Flores, Harbor Department officials and city planners because of his interest in the Wilmington waterfront and his experience on the task force, said Nelson Hernandez, Flores' Wilmington deputy.

Hernandez said the study, which will seek ways to make the Port of Los Angeles and Wilmington residents better neighbors, is expected to begin next month. According to Coastal Commission requirements, it must be completed by October.

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