Help Homeless to Help Themselves

It's good to read that the soup kitchen in Lawndale is helping more homeless people, especially the new homeless (Times, Feb. 1). But for those people who have been homeless for months or years, what has been established is a revolving merry-go-round dependency.

Sister Michele Morris or anyone else could be doing these people a favor by providing a way for them to help themselves. For example, the facilities could be used by the homeless people to create and operate an afternoon tea room as a business. It could be started very simply with some homemade goodies and different kinds of tea.

By giving people a chance to use their talents, to create their own business, an enthusiasm may be generated. Probably two of the most devastating aspects of being homeless are idleness and loss of self-esteem.



P.S. I was a homeless person in the South Bay for two years.

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