Contra Leader Says He Met Four Times With Reagan, North

Associated Press

Nicaraguan rebel leader Alfonso Robelo said in a television interview screened Monday that he met with President Reagan in Washington four times in the presence of Lt. Col. Oliver L. North.

He also repeated the contra contention that the rebels never received money from U.S. arms sales to Iran, only “logistical material” that he did not describe.

“I have gone to see President Reagan four times, and every time it was Col. Oliver North who took me to see Reagan,” he said. North was on the National Security Council staff and resigned after revelations last fall led to the Iran arms scandal.

Claims Funds Were Sent


Reagan Administration officials have said that proceeds from the sale of U.S. arms to Iran were sent to the Nicaraguan rebels.

Robelo, a leader of the contra umbrella organization United Nicaraguan Opposition, made the comments in an interview taped two weeks ago for state-run RAI television in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is scheduled for broadcast tonight and was shown to journalists Monday.

The contra leader did not say when the meetings with Reagan took place or what was discussed. He said neither North nor Reagan told him of the arms sales to Iran.