MOVING RIGHT ALONG: Do you get the...

MOVING RIGHT ALONG: Do you get the feeling that KLOS-FM would like to grab a lion's share of now-defunct KMET's old audience, who are probably hunting around for a new fave station. First, KLOS paid tribute to its longtime rival by putting the KMET staff on the air the night they were all fired. Now KLOS is running a series of 60-second promo spots, including one which features a Jim Ladd tribute to both KMET and (you guessed it) KLOS, where he says, "The lamp has been completely passed to you and we hope that you will keep the light of rock 'n' roll alive." Oddly enough, KLOS hasn't offered Ladd a job--in fact, he's currently working part-time at KSLX-FM, which also figures to pick up a hefty portion of KMET's former audience.

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