There's been a terrible mistake made! In the Feb. 22 Calendar, someone slipped in the "tasteful" copy apparently intended for the conservative Boston Globe or Salt Lake Tribune. How else could one explain an article on "Shock Radio" that was virtually devoid of any graphic examples of such?

The ersatz Calendar that was bogusly planted in my Times defended its Puritanical publishing peccadilloes by stating it "couldn't find any safe, PG-rated examples to publish for this survey. Trust us."

I thought newspapers, even those in Massachusetts and Utah, were published primarily for adults. Adults who are quite aware of the formal and slang terms for various parts of human anatomy, as well as for sexual acts. Even if the dread F-word had been published in Calendar, I think I would have recovered soon enough from the shock of reading that "bad" word.

Although I have children, the only reason they might ever peruse Calendar would be for ads for Disneyland or Michael Jackson. Thus, this parent sees little need for such "safe" journalistic practices as exercised by whoever wrote and published "Shock Radio."


Moreno Valley

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