Martinez Warms 'Cockles of Heart'

I have been writing letters regarding the column of Al Martinez, usually taking him to task for his apparent put-down of women and minorities, at least in my mind. Or perhaps I do not understand his sense of humor.

However, his column "For the Love of Shana Lee" (Westside, Feb. 26) warmed the cockles of my heart. I have to say that if a man can write a story of a little child, with such warmth and love, he can't be all bad.

I think one would have to say the same about Archie, who played the father in "All in the Family." We viewers knew that he loved his family, especially his grandchild, in spite of his blustering prejudiced statements. We forgave him because we felt that deep down he didn't mean all those nasty sayings because he said them out of ignorance.

I feel the same way about Al Martinez, and in spite of it all will continue to look forward to his column every Thursday.


Beverly Hills

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