U.S.-Israel and Spy Case

Thank you for your editorial (March 6), "Spying: Punishment and Rewards." If I hear one more of our elected officials tell us what a great ally Israel is for this nation, I'll scream!

We see just how Israel is able to manipulate our legislators because of the strong lobby that controls our elected politicians, through campaign contributions. Israel has been responsible for instigating Irangate and paying the traitors Jonathan and Ann Henderson Pollard to spy against our country for them.

Wolf Blitzer, Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, in an Editorial Pages article on the same day said "that somehow Israel will be able to negotiate a deal to get them (the Pollards) deported to Israel." That is absolutely outrageous! If we can keep the son of a former FBI agent in prison for life (Christopher Boyce) and show no mercy even when his father has served his government honorably with an agency held in high esteem, surely our government would not contemplate releasing (deporting) this despicable couple from the sentences imposed on them.

With friends like Israel we don't need too many enemies! And Israel, in true form as a staunch ally, has promoted both Aviem Sella and Rafael Eitan to the rank of brigadier general and head of government-owned Israel Chemicals, respectively. Sounds like quite a scheme: do harm and damage to the United States and get rewarded!



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