Braun-Kenney Team Will Head Fleet in North American Regatta This Week

Skipper J. B. Braun and crew Bill Kenney, national and Goodwill Games champions, will head a fleet of about a dozen Flying Dutchman sailboats in the North American Regatta starting today on Santa Monica Bay.

The Flying Dutchman is a centerboard sloop, the fastest 20-foot sailboat in the world. Braun's Massachusetts team is ranked No. 1 by the United States Yacht Racing Union in projections toward the 1988 Olympics.

The 1984 World and Olympic gold medalists, Jonathan McKee and Carl Buchan, are no longer competing in the class, but other entries include skipper Hart Jordan and crew Kimo Worthington, who were members of the Eagle crew in the America's Cup campaign.

The regatta, based at the Del Rey Yacht Club, consists of two races a day through Wednesday.

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