Student Exchanging

I was interested to see that you included the Penfriend International exchange program in a recent article about student travel. Our daughter Kim, 17, took part in this program last summer and spent three weeks as the guest of a family in Annecy, France, near the Swiss border. We visited Kim and her family; they were really nice people who Kim took to immediately. They treated her like their own daughter and took her to see a lot of France and Switzerland. Although nearly everyone in the family spoke some English, Kim's French improved very quickly and she made many friends with whom she has remained in contact.

The Penfriend program matches American students with foreign students of the same age and interests. They then spend three weeks in each other's homes during the summer. I cannot recommend it too highly to kids with a sense of adventure or parents who like the security of the family environment.

Penfriend's phone number is (800) 826-4157.



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