No Robots, Thanks; Credit Due Will Do

As a mother of four who does not work outside the home, I would like to respond to your March 16 article entitled, "Stepford Wives: In Search of Suzie Homemaker" (by Nikki Finke).

I think vocal feminists are jealous of us real women who stay home and create a happy atmosphere for the family and contribute so much to the community. Personally, I don't think they have the guts to do the job my sister homemakers and I do. It's a pretty thankless job in material terms, and it doesn't get any easier when one hears that Betty Friedan thinks we could be replaced by cooking, cleaning and serving robots like the ones in the book.

Thanks a lot, Times, for reinforcing a shallow stereotype and dumping on one minority that doesn't scream out for its rights.


Simi Valley

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