Tire Power

Reader Philip Rask from Newport Beach (Letters, Feb. 26) is exactly correct in his mathematical calculations, that if Oxford Energy burns tires at the rate of 500 per minute to produce the electricity at its new Modesto plant, the electricity would only last 55 1/2 days. Unfortunately, a typographical error appeared in the news article, which created a lot of unnecessary work for Rask.

Our $41.5-million plant, the first plant in the United States that will burn whole tires to generate energy will be burning 50 tires per minute to create steam for a turbine to provide power for 14,000 homes--not 500 tires per minute.

Rask will be comforted to know that our nation has 2 billion tires that cannot be retreaded lying around and 200 million more annually. So, rest assured, Mr. Rask, Oxford Energy will have plenty of tires let to keep America lit up.


New York

Colman is president and chief executive officer of the Oxford Energy Co.

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