Marketing of 'Bag Lady' Dolls and the Homeless

Doctors, maids and butlers earn a living. Tennis players, tourists and scuba divers have means. Perhaps some of these individuals can afford to spend up to $350 on a cute little self-image doll--but the homeless certainly cannot.

I disagree wholeheartedly with Donald Gourley, manufacturer of Bag Lady dolls, that purchasing such a doll teaches us compassion. I think that anyone with a few dollars to spare and the inclination to behave compassionately would do far better to make a direct contribution to the welfare of the needy.

One can call the Info Line at (818) 501-4447 for the names and telephone numbers of facilities aiding the homeless or simply contact a local Y, church or synagogue.

As for the continued appearance of the dolls on the market, in my opinion it is tasteless.



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