Shouldn't Ignore the Positive Side of ZZZZ Best Co. Founder Minkow

Has the reverent Los Angeles Times stooped to the category of the weekly tabloids? My reference is to the recent story in the Business section citing questionable activities of ZZZZ Best Co., which occurred more than two years ago ("Behind 'Whiz Kid' Is a Trail of False Credit Card Billings," May 22).

Barry Minkow, founder and chief executive of ZZZZ Best, has admitted to his past poor judgment in selecting subcontractors. Overcharges were repaid, and ZZZZ Best absorbed the losses. It is now ancient history and does not reflect present company operations.

I can't help but wonder why your newspaper sees fit to rake up this muck after this period of time with so much more going on in the world that requires proper reporting. And how many of us have not been victimized by bad judgment at the age of 19?

As a 72-year-old employee of ZZZZ Best, I hope you will print this positive side of that organization.

ZZZZ Best has an outstanding training program for the inexperienced and for those entering the work force. Promotions are made from within the organization, with many supervisory positions held by persons in the late teens and early 20s.

Entry positions are above the minimum wage scale, with increases following a probationary period. There are working schedule accommodations for those attending school and for other situations. How many corporations do this?

I, for one, applaud Barry Minkow, and I was not prompted to write this letter by anyone connected with ZZZZ Best.


Canoga Park

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