Affordable Center Tickets

So Henry Segerstrom is now taking the reins and title as head of the Performing Arts Center. What a mistake! This will serve to further the issue that this Center is a showcase for the wealthy, elite strata of Orange County society rather than to serve the community as a whole (this includes our students, our retirees and families on budgets that might afford an occasional single-event ticket, but strain at the cost of the series-ticket packages the Center pushes).

I have been told that 87,000 students are expected to see the Center this year. It is not enough to show off a building or monument if it stands for nothing more than a colossal ego trip of money and power. These children are the future and unless they are guided through an inspiring performance, no matter how brief, they will not become the theatergoers of the future, the ticket purchasers and the performers.

Unless something is done to broaden the access of theatergoers to affordable, single-event tickets, the Performing Arts Center will stand for nothing but a hollow, insincere facade that fails to address its true purpose to our community regardless of social standing or income level.


Santa Ana

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