This Office Building May Have Corner on Corners

Times Staff Writer

When it comes to marketing an office building, you can't have too many corner offices.

The $10-million, 90,000-square-foot Laurel Plaza Office Building at Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Erwin Street in North Hollywood, may have a corner on this market.

Designed by Mark Fuote of Arkineto Architects, Canoga Park, the three-story building has 40 sides.

The building, developed by Land Development Management and the May Department Stores Co., was completed in 1984, and was fully leased the following year, according to Glenn Cook, leasing coordinator at Land Development Management.

Fuote said that the building, adjacent to the May Co. department store in Laurel Plaza Mall, was built on grade of Type 5 (wood frame) construction, a departure from the typical steel-framed mid-rise office building.

Use of glue-laminated columns and glue-laminated beams afforded Fuote the opportunity to maximize the number of corner offices without a massive budget.

The structure was developed around two interlocking courtyards connected by a public elevator lobby: One courtyard is for the public, the other for the building's tenants, he said.

And there is no name for a 40-sided building--or is there?

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