Letters in VIEW : Profiles of 13 Victims of AIDS

Thank you for "13 Random Victims of an Indiscriminate Killer--AIDS," which brought the statistics of this insidious disease to a personal level.

Philip Mandelker was a friend of mine. His sense of humor, deep caring and desire for his friends to have and be the best were only a few of the characteristics that made him so special. His death has left a great void in my life, as well as those of his other friends and associates.

Philip was always there to help others. In this spirit, as a way of perpetuating his memory by doing something to fight the disease that took his life, the Philip Mandelker AIDS Prevention Center was established in the Edelman Health Care Center in Hollywood. It is there to help others.

I hope that before long there will not be a need for this type of center, the disease will be eradicated, and we will not have to face the loss of friends and loved ones to it.


Los Angeles

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