Several More Readers Speak Strongly in Defense of the Reputation of ZZZZ Best’s Barry

I am writing to express my feelings about Barry Minkow and his work with the West Valley Family YMCA and the community. To say that Minkow is generous is an understatement.

His participation in our efforts has made it possible for us, among other things, to serve 500 families daily in child care, send more than 2,000 kids to camp, teach 2,000 children and adults how to swim, bring 500 families together in family enrichment programs, provide wellness activities for more than 2,500 adults and seniors and offer physical education activities for more than 1,400 youngsters.

We are able to reach out and offer programs and services to more families, kids and older adults because of Minkow’s support. The help he gives will directly affect the lives of hundreds of teen-agers and young adults in our community. We feel fortunate indeed that Minkow is on our team.



Executive Director

West Valley Family YMCA