Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan's philosophy has held little mystique for most of us raised on the East Side of town ("A Feminist in the Late '80s," May 17, by Bettyann Kevles). Her dogmatic concern that abortion be a matter of women's "responsible choice" is well taken. But a responsible choice can only be synonymous with informed choice. Why, then, has the feminist movement been so unwilling to educate women as to the procedures and possible complications--both physical and emotional--that can occur from abortion?

To those of us women of "color," who were often raised in a spirit of great personal sacrifice, abortion is seldom the liberating choice it is held up to be. Yet the industry that has already destroyed more than 20 million babies, with a disproportionate number of them being minorities, continues to deny that there are many women of every race who are hurting and regretful of having had abortions. Where is the help for these women, Betty?

Gloria Gonzalez-Roth


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