Talkers, Not Doers

I read with amusement "The Quest for Self-Esteem" by Beth Ann Krier (June 14). The article dealt with the newly formed California Task Force on Self-Esteem. Krier did her job well, and my comments are not directed toward her. The problem is that I'm not supposed to be amused by this article, for certainly it deals with extremely serious issues.

But, why do I feel that nothing will come out of this task force? Why do I feel these "experts" will do nothing but improve their own self-esteem when they meet once a month and toss around their personal approaches at solving the problems? Why do I feel that after all is said and nothing is done, all the talk will take us no further toward solutions?

I'm sorry, I'm convinced that in this country we have become a nation of talkers, not doers.



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