Harried waitress Susan Segal enumerated some reasonable complaints in her article ("Gripes," June 14). Bill Steigerwald is another matter ("Bar Wars," June 14).

I am baffled as to why such a snide misanthrope would choose to work as a bartender, one of the most people-oriented occupations. He objects to nearly everyone, even "the regular," whose only crimes are being a steady customer and tipping too well. The only people welcome at his bar are those who "cause little bother" and order "beer or simple drinks like scotch and water."

Our friendly bartender also complains that Cuba Libre is an "esoteric nickname" for a simple drink. Anyone knowledgeable about drinks would know that Cuba Libre is the name for a certain drink. Originated in Cuba, it is famous internationally as Cuba Libre. The nickname is "rum and cola." Would Steigerwald object to daiquiri (also Cuban) as an esoteric nickname for "rum with lime juice and sugar"? Or would he prefer that we throw out the esoteric term margarita in favor of the more familiar "tequila with triple sec, crushed ice, lime, and salt"?



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